Following The Energy and Taking Aligned Action

Yesterday I went wild swimming in a beautiful stretch of the Teme River near where I live – but I nearly didn’t! Before my daughter and I left, I hesitated about whether it was a good idea or not, as my husband warned it was too hot to go anywhere and too dangerous to swim […]

Developing Inner and Outer Congruence

Sometimes we need a strong magnifying mirror, to reflect back who we are and what we’re about. Hearing Stasia Savasuk’s words in her TEDx talk recently was exactly that for me. Momentarily I’d strayed from my clear vision. I’d forgotten the words to my unique song. I was flaying about in the breeze a little, until I […]

Good Girl Recovery – The Path to Authenticity

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She was full of spark, curiosity, enthusiasm, wonder and joy. She loved nature, animals, painting, drawing, singing and playing imaginary games. She lived in a family with adults who had forgotten how to be curious, to wonder and to play. Instead they had learned how to […]

Getting Unstuck – overcoming creative blocks

Picture this… You’re painting (or insert ‘going about your life’ here) away happily, following the energy, everything feels great, when all of a sudden it’s gone. There’s no more energy. It feels boring, meh, like you’re going through the motions. What happened and how can you get back to that feeling of flow and juice? Its […]

How to Cultivate Authenticity for a Personal Revolution.

Fitting in is over-rated. Let’s start a revolution! A revolution of women who choose authentic self expression over fitting in and being approved of! A revolution of women who are attuned to their truth and faithful to their bodies no matter what! A revolution of women who choose themselves every time! This sounds radical I […]

You are not your anxiety. Ways to feel calm.

You are not your Anxiety For most of my life, I’ve experienced anxiety. For a period of eight years or so in my 30’s, I experienced regular panic attacks. Sometimes for me, anxiety comes in anticipation of doing something unfamiliar and other times I just have an undefined sense of anxiety that hangs over me […]

Gentle Break Throughs – How and Why

Gentle Break Throughs – How and Why? ‘What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I just breakthrough and move on?’ In the many years I’ve been doing my healing work, I’ve had a number of melt-downs, where I’ve ended up crying to my husband and saying things like, ‘I feel like I’m never going to get […]

What Grabs Me About the Intuitive Painting Process

What grabs me about the intuitive painting process?   What is Intuitive Painting? Intuitive painting or process painting as it is sometimes referred to, is painting without a plan, following your own internal urges and intuition. It’s all about the process not the product and anyone can do it – not just ‘creative people’ or […]