Yesterday I went wild swimming in a beautiful stretch of the Teme River near where I live – but I nearly didn’t!

Before my daughter and I left, I hesitated about whether it was a good idea or not, as my husband warned it was too hot to go anywhere and too dangerous to swim in the river. I reassured myself that I’d done my research about wild swimming earlier in the day (I love a bit of research!!) and reminded myself I can swim and grew up in Australia swimming in the sea, so I’d have the sense to judge if it was ok or not before going in.

Deciding to trust myself and let my husband own his ‘stuff’, we left for our adventure.

The little place we discovered a couple of years ago is quiet and secluded. As we walked down through the cool trees and ferns, I could hear the river flowing below. I worried it was flowing too fast and we wouldn’t be able to safely go in, but as we approached our spot, I saw there was a bend in the river, which created a pool perfect for us to swim in.

Amy went in first and encouraged me to follow. She grew up swimming in the Atlantic Ocean off the West coast of Ireland, so doesn’t mind a bit of cold water! I on the other hand NEVER went in the sea there. I dipped a toe in occasionally, but always sat on the beach watching instead of joining them.

This has been a big pattern for me all through my life – being the one to sit on the side-lines watching instead of joining in and is something I’ve been consciously working with over the last year or so – taking action that feels good and aligned, even when it’s outside my comfort zone.

I took my time getting in and incrementally got parts of myself wet and acclimatised (I am not a dive in kind of person!!). A few times I tried to psyche myself up to dropping myself down into the water, but anticipation of the freezing cold stopped me. And then… I just did it. I felt the flip in my stomach and plunged myself under, up to my shoulders (and just as quickly came straight back up again!!). I then practiced going under and coming back up, until it felt good to stay fully in the water.

And then… there I was having my first wild swim in 22 years! It felt exhilarating, fun and so refreshing to be in the cool water in our beautiful private paradise.

I’m so delighted with myself that once again, I went towards what scared me and supported myself compassionately to do it in my own time, in my own way (working with the scared parts of myself and my nervous system). That to me is success and feels aligned with where I want my life to bring me.

Synchronicity + Aligned Action = Success 

This year my word is ‘synchronicity’ and I’m adding ‘aligned action’ to it, to create a winning combination. I’ve been practicing noticing synchronicity, feeling if it has energy for me, following the breadcrumbs with curiosity and taking aligned action (exactly what we do in the intuitive painting process).

The inner results have been an increased sense of aliveness and self-confidence, and a deepening sense of trust in myself. The outer results have been more success in my business and increased alignment with who I find myself with and where I find myself. These results make it easy for me to keep practicing. 

Where the breadcrumbs are leading me… 

Part of my practice of following what has energy for me, has led me to adding Projector Mentoring to my offerings. I recently gave an impromptu chart reading to a client who happened to be a Projector (like me) and it lit me up so much, I just knew I needed to do more of this.

I’ve been deeply experimenting with HD since 2015 and have delved into the mechanics of the system to a basic level (i.e., I’m not an analyst, but I can read a chart and give a strong basic overview). I LOVE talking to people about their HD (particularly Projectors) and how this can support them to live in a deconditioned and aligned way.

If you’re a Human Design Projector (you can find out what your Human Design type is by getting a free chart done. is a popular site) and would like to explore navigating your life true to your unique essence, I’d be honoured to guide you.

And if you’re not a Projector, I still LOVE weaving HD through my mentoring and painting sessions, so feel free to reach out to me if this lights you up with curiosity.

Where might following the breadcrumbs bring you?

If you’re wanting to take more aligned action in your life and would like support to overcome any blocks to the progress you’d like to make, I can help you to do this. Through my intuitive mentoring and process painting sessions, I guarantee you’ll start to connect more with what lights you up, learn to experiment with making decisions that feel aligned and take steps that feel true to you.

Here’s what Linda had to say about her painting and mentoring session:

I had the most amazing 3-hour session with Bec, where I was due to explore intuitive painting. It turns out, I got much more out of our time together than what was initially planned.

The painting part was utterly mind-blowing, however we also touched on Human Design, as I had literally just completed my online assessment. Her knowledge of HD is second to none and she talked me through the various aspects of being a Projector and amazed me with her expert knowledge; leaving me wanting to learn more.

Bec brought a warm and wonderful energy to the session and the synchronicities of the day (before, during, and after) were simply breath-taking.

I absolutely loved my time with Bec and would thoroughly recommend her as the go-to for both intuitive painting and mentor of Projectors in Human Design.

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  1. Such a great read. Thank you. As a side line sitting with my blanket watcher of others doing the action I too would not have been likely to go in the water. Partly cos like John I grew up near the Teme and have been ingrained with the ‘it’s not safe’ commandment. Undercurrents, rip tides, the lot. You’re gonna die if you go in there. And I think I’ve carried that on to all other bodies of moving water so I just don’t swim anymore, anywhere.
    And I don’t do cold.
    But I love that you researched and found a safe bit of this river and want to invite myself along to the next time you go please!
    And I realize I was basically taught life is not safe, especially if you make a sound, be seen, be heard. So don’t do anything or feel anything which might create any sound or movement. Well fk that now. Whether I actually go wild swimming or not remains to be seen but the time has come for something else and something new…..
    I’m pretty sure I’m not a projector but when we do our closing session for my intuitive painting hopefully you can offer me whatever arises for you. And let me know if I owe any extra for this cos the least I can do is be someone else on which to practice this new bright thing you have. xx

    1. I hear you – the safety message is very loud for me too. I would LOVE to bring you there with us. It’s very close to your place. And definitely, we can chat further re: human design and doing your finishing process. Send me a message when you’re back. Looking forward to seeing you 😊

  2. Loved this read, Bec. Glad you broke the 22 y/o Ice, so to speak. Love these ritual symbolic acts to change habits and mindsets. You got me thinking about ways i can “dive in”. Yes! Bring me with you next time!! xoxo

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