Available Original Artwork

To purchase or inquire about any of the listed artworks please contact me letting me know the title or number of the artwork you’re interested in. Paintings in the Intuitive Process Painting album are not for sale. 

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About My Creative Processes

I am an intuitive, process oriented, mixed media artist, living in Worcester, UK.

As a Libran, I love beauty and I love to be playful. Sometimes I create simply for the joy of putting colours, shapes and patterns together in a way that interests me and feels beautiful to me. Other times, I create to delve deeper into who I am and what wants to come through me.

When I create in this way, painting becomes a co-creative spiritual practice. I practice consciously setting my intention to stay present to how I feel and to what wants to be expressed through me. I then practice staying as true to this as I can, throughout the process. I do this by checking in with myself and challenging myself when I start to become attached and identified with what it looks like, what others might think of it, what it means or how it might turn out.

I practice repeatedly returning to being as clear a conduit as I can be, for truth and energy to flow through me and my brush onto the canvas. This looks like following the energy, listening to my intuition and allowing it to guide each mark, colour and image. I stay in close and I commit.

When I feel stuck or challenged, I ask myself questions:

Where’s the energy?

Am I playing it safe and avoiding how I feel or avoiding taking a risk?

Can I give myself permission to create from a place of authenticity, playfulness, curiosity and self-compassion?

Over and over, it’s a practice of noticing and returning to my truth; letting go of efforting, perfecting and impressing, and committing to opening to what wants to be expressed. This way of creating has helped me to become more comfortable with expressing myself authentically. The more authentically I express myself through my art, the braver I’ve become in expressing myself authentically in my life (which is the basis for recovering from trauma). 

My painting process is informed by the training I undertook with Chris Zydel in San Francisco, as an Intuitive Process Painting and Expressive Arts facilitator. I’m also influenced by my learning with Orly Avineri and Flora Bowley.

Creating intuitively and expressively offers me a portal into my soul and an opportunity to authentically express what wants to come through me. Making art in this way, has been a constant companion, oracle, healer and teacher to me through many years of personal inner healing and transformation.