Intuitive Artist & guide

Inspiring creative freedom and authentic self expression for healing and joy.

Hi, I’m Bec,

I’m a mixed media, process-oriented, intuitive artist and guide.
Making intuitive art and engaging bravely with the creative process, have been and continue to be, central to my personal healing journey.
I love to write for clarity, to process my life experiences and to share my discoveries. 
Others say, I’m a natural, compassionate guide and leader, with an ability to support others to discover who they really are and what’s true for them in each moment.
It’s my joy and passion to show others the magic within themselves when they surrender to the wisdom of the creative process.

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I create to remember who I am
I create to become who I am
I create to express who I am
I create to heal and connect


I love exploring the creative process as healer, oracle, teacher & companion…

And offer tailored 1:1 and small group in-person and online sessions and workshops in:

Intuitive process painting

Expressive arts

Creative-spiritual practice

1:1 Coaching & mentoring

& 1:1 Human Design Projector mentoring

I am forever curious about life and learning through living…

You can read about what I’m discovering in my life and art by signing up for my newsletter or following along here:

"Bec has been supporting me with great experience, love and her laser focus questions, as I travel into the unknown.
I totally trust her as she makes me feel so well held and cared for. I follow her with my natural rhythm and as the old falls apart, layer by layer, new discoveries appear.
Because she’s grounded and so present, the creative energy moves so freely between me and her and the trust deepens creating a beautiful co-operation! I inform her, she informs me and the energy, alive and able to move freely, deepens my connection to myself - my knowing self!
I am so grateful for this support and creative work we do together."

Raimonda Pironti

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