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Cultivate courage and authenticity for purposeful, vibrant, aligned living

I believe you have a divine purpose for being here at this time AND you have all you need available to you right now to live into your purpose. 

Within you is a compass guiding you to connect with the truth of who you are deep in your bones.

But sometimes our ability to connect with our inner guidance is obscured by decades of people pleasing, fawning, controlling, proving, striving, trying to work it all out and be someone we’re not, to fit in, receive love and approval and survive.

These layers of conditioning and coping mechanisms that once served us, become our personas and shape our experience of life.

Sometimes we identify strongly with who we think we are and what we think we should be doing, and it can take a lot to release our grip on our ‘not self’ behaviours and ways of being, to make way for how we really feel and what really lights us up.

Some of us gradually wake up to the realisation that ‘there’s more than this’ and ‘I am more than this’. And for others, it takes a crisis (or series of crises) to bring us to the threshold of what our lives could be.

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When you begin the process of deconditioning from who you think you are and strip away all that no longer serves you, you make way for the truth of who you are to become known and to express through you.

The more you choose to act from your truth, the more life comes into alignment and brings you opportunities to be who you came here to be. 

How I may be of service

Choose from tailored intuitive process painting, Soul to Soul mentoring and Projector mentoring sessions designed to connect you with your inner guidance system (aka your intuition) and your unique body-based decision making ability, to start living authentically into your purpose.

I bring creative-spiritual tools, embodiment practices and wisdom gained through decades of my own healing work, training and professional space holding and facilitation, to support you to do your unique inner-work.

It’s an honour for me to offer the depth of my knowledge, experience and heartfelt compassion to journey with you into the fullness of who you came here to be.

My invitation to you, is to metaphorically take my hand and step over the threshold into the unknown with unshakeable trust in the wisdom of our souls and the process to guide us.

I’ve come to know each journey is unique, with no set destination, and so much to gain and discover along the way. 

"Bec has been supporting me with great experience, love and her laser focus questions, as I travel into the unknown.
I totally trust her as she makes me feel so well held and cared for. I follow her with my natural rhythm and as the old falls apart, layer by layer, new discoveries appear.
Because she’s grounded and so present, the creative energy moves so freely between me and her and the trust deepens creating a beautiful co-operation! I inform her, she informs me and the energy, alive and able to move freely, deepens my connection to myself - my knowing self!
I am so grateful for this support and creative work we do together."

Raimonda Pironti

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