I offer tailored 1:1 in-person and online sessions in:

Intuitive process painting 

Soul To Soul Mentoring

Projector Mentoring

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Whether you’re interested in learning and developing your own intuitive process painting practice, being witnessed and supported through a personal threshold with Soul to Soul mentoring or navigating life as a Human Design Projector, I’d love to chat to you about tailoring individual sessions or a programme to meet your needs.

Meet online or in-person in my studio in Worcester, UK.

Design your sessions’ length and frequency to meet your needs

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Tailored 1:1 sessions

Bec is amazing!

She has such a powerful yet compassionate presence about her that really made me feel safe to explore my inner world using the intuitive painting process.

She listened to me, and encouraged me to dive deeper into all that I was feeling and showing up in my creative practice.

Leslie Typrin

Intuitive Process Painting

discover creative freedom and authentic self expression for healing and joy

Intuitive process painting offers a powerful way of expressing your unique authentic self, discovering more about yourself and deepening your connection to your inner guidance.

It’s a way of painting that’s focused on your process rather than the end product.

Intuitive paintings are started and created without a plan; following spontaneous internal urges and intuitive prompts.

Navigating resistance, judgement and attempts by your logical mind to control the process and outcome, are valuable parts of the journey within.

The process is about staying present to yourself and painting from how you’re feeling in the moment.

The practice of intuitive process painting
can help you to:

become more present with yourself and listen more to your intuition and inner guidance

let go of listening to and being controlled by your inner critic

open up to wisdom from your authentic self

delve into old stories, limiting beliefs and barriers and work through what might be holding you back in your life

practice taking risks, try new things and become a braver version of yourself

develop compassion for yourself

accept and love yourself as you are.

Choose between a two hour painting session or a three hour painting and mentoring session.

£77 – £111 per session

Feel free to send me a message to find out more or to book a session.

I loved working with Bec in diving into Intuitive Painting.

She has a way of really focusing in, making me feel seen, and asking these laser-powerful questions that help me cut to the heart of what's coming up for me.

She's so insightful, and able to move with things being tender and deep, and silly and playful and light and joyful.

Mel Bratz

Soul to Soul Mentoring

decondition and step fully into you

Be witnessed and honoured, as you connect deeply with the truth of who you are, within our co-created sacred space. 

Receive compassionate and empathetic listening and gentle but laser-focused questions to facilitate deep unravelling. 

Partner with your body through nervous system regulating exercises and embodiment practices, so she can anchor and support you in your deep inner work. 

Delve into dreams, synchronicities, symbols and patterns, and use the tools of creative process, oracle cards, Human Design & more to help gain clarity.

Choose to be initiated into a deeply powerful process of meeting and embodying your inner goddess – a juicy creative shadow work process guaranteed to connect you with what wants to come through you. 

About my role:

As mentor, my role is to hold the vision your soul has for you and act in service of your fullest authentic expression at all times, guided by you and Spirit and what you bring to each session.

My approach to holding space is trauma informed.

As someone who’s experienced crippling anxiety and panic attacks, I deeply understand the need for an embodied sense of safety and trust, to feel able to open up and allow what wants to come through to come through. And I know the depths of healing possible, simply from receiving the profound gift of another person’s full attention and unconditional positive regard.

£77 per 1.5 – 2 hour session

Feel free to send me a message to find out more or to book a session

I have worked with Bec both in a group setting and 1:1 and I can honestly say that both ways of engaging in intuitive painting are incredibly potent.

Bec holds such a safe and inviting space to enable you to unfold the mystery within. She gently coaxes and encourages you to drop into that space of subconscious mind and body and allow the unspoken, unseen aspects emerge on the page.

Her warm and beautiful manner really supports you to get out of your own way, the thinking mind, and to allow the painting process to take you over.

I’ve had some really deep revelations and insights whilst working with Bec.

A highly skilled, professional and intuitive coach.

I am really blessed to have found her work.


Projector Mentoring

discover the power of your design

I discovered in 2015, I am a 5/1 Splenic Projector, in Human Design.

Human Design offers each of us an insight into who we are at an energetic level and what we’re uniquely designed to do in this lifetime. We are then encouraged to use the information to experiment with life. 

For me, learning I was a Projector was absolutely life changing. It ultimately led to me leaving my demanding 9-5 job, re-training, moving countries and setting up my own business! Deconditioning from the way I’d been living my whole life was (and still is!) both deeply challenging and liberating. 

Projectors are here to guide and usher in the new way (which is beginning to take shape on the planet) and I believe it’s no accident that a number of my clients are Projectors! I LOVE talking about Human Design and supporting people to discover and experiment with their design and feel called to offer this more – particularly to Projectors. 

For me, having someone in my field who was living successfully (our signature state of being) as a Projector, was a huge help to me in the beginning and messy middle stages of deconditioning. 
If you’re a Projector and would like to receive some love and guidance from someone who’s been experimenting with this system since 2015,  I’d be honoured to support you. 

Initial 1.5 hour Session £111 (includes individual chart reading preparation, follow up notes and resources), 

Follow up 1 hour Sessions £55.

Feel free to send me a message to find out more or book a session.

I’ve recently completed a wonderful series of sessions working with Bec to explore my Projector Human Design (HD) profile.
Bec worked with me in an expansive and free flowing way that allowed me to fully explore my own areas of interest whilst also guiding me through the fundamentals of my HD chart and information about the Projector type.
Her open, intuitive, warm and generous facilitation is a true gift.
Bec skilfully and thoughtfully weaved into sessions her perceptive insights and own experience of life as a Projector which I found extremely helpful and supportive.
Our sessions were allowed to flow intuitively, and the deceptively ‘simple’ questions Bec invited me to consider in between our meetings led to some amazing discoveries and synchronicities which I know will be life-changing. I’ve received some potent tools and strategies both for moving forward and for healing some aspects of my past.
Anyone who is curious about their Projector profile, or who is looking to integrate an understanding of what being a HD Projector means into various aspects of their life - past, present and future - will benefit from connecting with and working with Bec.


Gather your friends & group members and let's co-create a workshop you'll love! 

Would your group like to delve into the juicy realm of their subconscious and intuition with intuitive process painting?

Meet their Inner Goddesses, who hold the key to their deepest magic and power?

Develop their own creative-spiritual practices and rituals for self development and healing?

Or have fun creating freely and authentically in art journals?

My tailored group sessions and workshops are focused on facilitating you to connect deeply with yourself and with others in the group through a combination of movement, music, meditation, self-inquiry, partner and group processing and plenty of time to create intuitively. 

I’m open to how, where and what you’d like to experience. 

Have a feel into what your group are looking for and what you’d like to get out of working with me, then let’s chat or send me a message to discuss. 


£150 per half day/£300 per day

Additional Considerations:

travel, set up, materials & accommodation.

Let’s chat about creating together

Collaborations, Swaps and Invitations

If you have an idea of how we could co-create together, benefit mutually or do something amazing for ourselves, others and the planet, I’d love to hear from you!
I am open to swaps, collaborations and invitations, so feel free to get in touch.


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