Sometimes we need a strong magnifying mirror, to reflect back who we are and what we’re about. Hearing Stasia Savasuk’s words in her TEDx talk recently was exactly that for me. Momentarily I’d strayed from my clear vision. I’d forgotten the words to my unique song. I was flaying about in the breeze a little, until I heard her clear words about inner and outer congruence in terms of dressing true to who you are (check it out it’s worth a watch). 

Boom! Hello! I realised that’s the essence of my message too – when we express ourselves in congruence with what’s happening inside of us, we are being truly authentic (and that in and of itself is healing). It sends an unmistakable clear arrow out into the world. People recognise your outward expression as totally you.

I love it when people say to me they know instantly when they see my art, that it’s mine. This is success to me; emitting my frequency and truth with every uncensored brushstroke or mark I make, culminating in a piece of art that’s a true reflection of me in that moment. A love note from my soul. 

Art as a healing tool

I believe art making is a tool for having a conversation with your heart in the moment.

Dear Heart, what do you need me to hear? What’s true for me right now? How do I want to move my body? What feels good and aligned right now? 

Notice not one of these questions is focused on the outcome of the art work or other people’s experience of it. It’s about you; the creator, your needs, your desires, your preferences. Creating process-oriented expressive art is an avenue for you to practice attending to your needs as they arise and giving voice to them in the world. You can choose to share what you create or keep it entirely for yourself. There are no rules. 

Creating to express not to impress

Just as important to me as congruence, is creating to express not to impress – i.e. not seeking external validation through my artwork. This is a biggie for me – how about you?

Part of my process around my relationship with social media has been how to share my art work and words without attaching a need to receiving a particular response from other people about it. Learning to separate myself from my artwork is something I’m still working with. It’s not easy – especially when creating in such a heart centred way, to view what comes through as separate in its own right from me.

Can I be okay with sending my creations out into the world as separate entities from me and not pinning my self worth on the response it receives or doesn’t receive? Can I know in my heart that what you think of my artwork doesn’t change anything about me as a person or my purpose as an artist. 

It’s Big stuff! 

If creating in an authentic way calls to your heart and you’d like a companion to journey with you, then you’d be most warmly invited to feel into whether working with me would support you on your quest.

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