Fitting in is over-rated. Let’s start a revolution! A revolution of women who choose authentic self expression over fitting in and being approved of! A revolution of women who are attuned to their truth and faithful to their bodies no matter what! A revolution of women who choose themselves every time!

This sounds radical I know and there are old, wounded parts of me right now saying, ‘Who are you kidding? You don’t really believe that. It’s not safe to ‘choose me’ and do things everyone will judge and disapprove of etc etc.’. But there’s also the wise Self part of me, that’s totally down with this plan for a revolution. This part of me is the part that’s already there. She’s open to trusting in her body and trusting in the Universe to show the way.

What about you? How does the notion of trusting yourself and choosing yourself every time feel in your body? Maybe you feel a HELL YES in your gut or a flash of energy through your body. Or maybe you have a strong reaction to the idea (anger, fear, sadness). Maybe it’s a ‘FUCK NO, that’s crazy and I won’t be going there anytime soon’. Believe it or not, all of those responses (the ‘positive’ and the ‘negative’) are your body telling you there’s energy here for you. Resistance is just energy. And where there’s energy, you can be sure your intuition is sending you the message that this is for you.

So if this way of being (authentic and true to ourselves) is for us, why aren’t we all doing it all the time? The short answer is because we don’t trust. We don’t feel connected to, or trust ourselves, our intuition, our bodies or the Universe.

How do we start developing trust and connection to cultivate authenticity?

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you had a clear guidance system that spoke to you in tangible felt ways that had your best interests at heart at all times? Well you do. It’s called your intuition. Your intuition is wired to connect you to the truth of who you are and what your soul wants you to know. She wants the best for you no matter what. She speaks to you through felt sensations in your body, flashes of inspiration and information and a sense of knowing you just can’t explain. The only trouble is, what she suggests to you may not always make logical sense, which can lead to you not trusting her and thinking you know better. Herein lies the problem!

The minute we let our logical brain take over and start calling the shots, we’re destined to living a conditioned life, where fitting in and being approved of is the ultimate goal aka safety at all costs. The antidote, is to cultivate a sense of belonging and safety within ourselves (by learning to trust our intuition and our bodies to always have our best interests at heart), so we aren’t so addicted to the need for attachment to others for our sense of safety and security. When we feel like we (and Spirit/our Higher Self/the Universe) have our own back and that we will always love and approve of ourselves no matter what, we have the foundation for living authentically. And when authenticity is our compass we are truly free.

For me, developing trust is an ongoing practice. I stumble and fall, completely forget and head off in the wrong direction on a regular basis, only to be reminded once again of where I went wrong – invariably its because I got caught in ‘I know best’ thinking. When this happens, I remember the path back home is one of slowing down, paying attention to my body, acting on my intuition and trusting that the path ahead will reveal itself one guided step at a time.

Having a regular creative practice of creating process oriented art is my training ground – the place I get to practice following my intuition and making bold, aligned moves in a risk free way (i.e. its just paint and paper). Creating intuitively is my reset button. It’s like diving into a cool refreshing river and coming up to the surface with a renewed sense of purpose, clarity and well-being.

What about you? What helps you to come back into your body and connect with what’s true for you? Do you have a regular practice that helps you to stay connected?

If you’re interested in developing your own creative practice that supports you in starting your own authenticity revolution and would like some support in this, then you’d be most warmly invited to feel into whether working with me would support you on your quest.

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