Unlock the Block – Get Back Into Creative Flow

Become Willing To Accept In my experience, creative and life blocks stem from our unwillingness to accept what is. We don’t like what it looks like or feels like or where the breadcrumbs are bringing us, so we stop following. We judge, doubt, disengage and come to a grinding halt. We start trying to fix, work it out […]

Getting Unstuck – overcoming creative blocks

Picture this… You’re painting (or insert ‘going about your life’ here) away happily, following the energy, everything feels great, when all of a sudden it’s gone. There’s no more energy. It feels boring, meh, like you’re going through the motions. What happened and how can you get back to that feeling of flow and juice? Its […]

How to Cultivate Authenticity for a Personal Revolution.

Fitting in is over-rated. Let’s start a revolution! A revolution of women who choose authentic self expression over fitting in and being approved of! A revolution of women who are attuned to their truth and faithful to their bodies no matter what! A revolution of women who choose themselves every time! This sounds radical I […]