Become Willing To Accept

In my experience, creative and life blocks stem from our unwillingness to accept what is. 
We don’t like what it looks like or feels like or where the breadcrumbs are bringing us, so we stop following. 
We judge, doubt, disengage and come to a grinding halt. 
We start trying to fix, work it out and change what is. 
Michele Cassou teaches, the answer to our block is within the block itself.

The Answer to your Block in within the Block Itself

What’s the narrative? 
What are you telling yourself? 

What if you offered yourself permission to accept what is and to create or progress without needing to meet the standard or condition you’ve ascribed to? 
What if you let yourself feel the feeling you’re trying so hard to avoid? 
What if you let yourself fully accept and melt into the experience of what is, in this present moment? 

There’s gold here. 

The very act of surrendering your need to control, understand and work it out, allows spaciousness to breathe new life into your circumstances. 
Being with the unknown. Sitting with the discomfort. Letting it be what it is. Nothing to fix. Nothing to become. 
This is the work.
This allows energy to move and transmute and for the block to dissolve. There’s space for playfulness and curiosity to return. Possibilities open up and creative juices flow.

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