Unlock the Block – Get Back Into Creative Flow

Become Willing To Accept In my experience, creative and life blocks stem from our unwillingness to accept what is. We don’t like what it looks like or feels like or where the breadcrumbs are bringing us, so we stop following. We judge, doubt, disengage and come to a grinding halt. We start trying to fix, work it out […]

Developing Inner and Outer Congruence

Sometimes we need a strong magnifying mirror, to reflect back who we are and what we’re about. Hearing Stasia Savasuk’s words in her TEDx talk recently was exactly that for me. Momentarily I’d strayed from my clear vision. I’d forgotten the words to my unique song. I was flaying about in the breeze a little, until I […]

Good Girl Recovery – The Path to Authenticity

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She was full of spark, curiosity, enthusiasm, wonder and joy. She loved nature, animals, painting, drawing, singing and playing imaginary games. She lived in a family with adults who had forgotten how to be curious, to wonder and to play. Instead they had learned how to […]