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  1. Such a great read. Thank you. As a side line sitting with my blanket watcher of others doing the action I too would not have been likely to go in the water. Partly cos like John I grew up near the Teme and have been ingrained with the ‘it’s not safe’ commandment. Undercurrents, rip tides, the lot. You’re gonna die if you go in there. And I think I’ve carried that on to all other bodies of moving water so I just don’t swim anymore, anywhere.
    And I don’t do cold.
    But I love that you researched and found a safe bit of this river and want to invite myself along to the next time you go please!
    And I realize I was basically taught life is not safe, especially if you make a sound, be seen, be heard. So don’t do anything or feel anything which might create any sound or movement. Well fk that now. Whether I actually go wild swimming or not remains to be seen but the time has come for something else and something new…..
    I’m pretty sure I’m not a projector but when we do our closing session for my intuitive painting hopefully you can offer me whatever arises for you. And let me know if I owe any extra for this cos the least I can do is be someone else on which to practice this new bright thing you have. xx

    1. I hear you – the safety message is very loud for me too. I would LOVE to bring you there with us. It’s very close to your place. And definitely, we can chat further re: human design and doing your finishing process. Send me a message when you’re back. Looking forward to seeing you 😊

  2. Loved this read, Bec. Glad you broke the 22 y/o Ice, so to speak. Love these ritual symbolic acts to change habits and mindsets. You got me thinking about ways i can “dive in”. Yes! Bring me with you next time!! xoxo