Do you want to feel more alive?

What makes you feel alive? When was the last time you felt a buzz of vitality, aliveness and vibrancy in your body? What sparked that feeling? I’m betting you were doing something you love doing and had a lot of energy for, or maybe something you were initially afraid of or feeling resistance for and finally […]

You are not your anxiety. Ways to feel calm.

You are not your Anxiety For most of my life, I’ve experienced anxiety. For a period of eight years or so in my 30’s, I experienced regular panic attacks. Sometimes for me, anxiety comes in anticipation of doing something unfamiliar and other times I just have an undefined sense of anxiety that hangs over me […]

Gentle Break Throughs – How and Why

Gentle Break Throughs – How and Why? ‘What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I just breakthrough and move on?’ In the many years I’ve been doing my healing work, I’ve had a number of melt-downs, where I’ve ended up crying to my husband and saying things like, ‘I feel like I’m never going to get […]